Become a Trash Free Household

Help the environment by transforming into a trash free household! It’s easy to be wasteful in our society, but this hurts the environment and your wallet. Add sustainable style to your life by considering the following consumption alternatives when shopping and designing your home.

Mason Jars
Mason Jars are a vintage alternative to plastic cups and containers. Relatively cheap and durable, jars can be used for various purposes and won’t stain like many plastic containers will. Perfect for beach days and office lunches, mason jars can also be used to keep snacks or beverages safe in place of plastic bags or water bottles.

Canvas Bags
Proven to be more durable than standard plastic or paper grocery bags, canvas bags provide a stylish alternative to preventing baggage waste. There are many unique and fun tote bag options! Consider supporting your favorite local artists or your most frequently visited stores by purchasing reusable bags to replace the need for plastic or paper bags.

Sustainable Straws
Many companies have transitioned to compostable straw products, but you can also help prevent straw waste by investing in reusable straws! With options like bamboo, metal, rubber, durable plastic, and even foldable straws, there are many options to choose from! Some sustainable companies even offer straw cases to make transportation of reusable straws easier. Keep a straw in your car or your bag and you’ll always be ready for a drink!

The Handy ‘Hankie’
Follow in the footsteps of your elders and help bring the handkerchief back into fashion! Handkerchiefs can be used in place of napkins and tissues and allow you to add a touch of unique design to your day. Be sure to wash your hankie after each use!

Soap Dispensers
Invest in a refillable bathroom or kitchen set of soap dispensers to replace disposable plastic soap bottles. Not only does this add a polished look to your home, but it also helps keep plastic waste from entering our landfills. Some folks also choose to use dispensers for shower items such as shampoos or body washes. If you don’t want to use liquid soap, bar soap is a great alternative that is completely plastic free! Look for locally made bar soaps to help cut down on transportation costs and pollutants.

Kitchen Storage Jars
Buying in bulk can help limit plastic and cardboard waste in our homes, but many of us don’t have the right storage containers on hand for bulk-purchased items. We recommend investing in air-tight storage jars or boxes to put your bulk-purchased dry foods in. Organize dried goods such as pasta, dried beans, or rice in your jars. Storage jars are also a great way to keep pet treats and food hidden away from furry friends so they don’t sneak a bit when you’re not looking!