Circle of Pollution – Human Cycle

A pollutant is any non-native item or substance that contaminates the environment. Most pollution found in the ocean, and throughout the environment, is manmade and occurs through human negligence. What many of us may not realize is that neglected pollutants not only have a negative impact on our storm water, oceans, and marine life, but also on human life.

  • Exposure: Once pollutants enter our storm drains, which lead to the oceans, they eventually end up back on land and sometimes in our digestive systems. Humans may be exposed to oceanic pollutants, such as microplastics or chemicals, if they consume seafood, beer, and even tap water. For more about the dangers of microplastics, click here.
  • Economic: One of the biggest industries in the world is the freight transport and shipping industry. What many might not know is how plastic patches and ocean blockers impact ships that need to navigate around them on a daily basis. Plastic patches in the ocean can cause shipping rerouting and delays.

Not only does plastic pollution have an impact on the industry, but oil and chemical spills also negatively affect shipping. When companies fail to contain shipping waste, it’s not only harmful to the oceans and its marine life, but it can also increase their own costs. These price increases might then cause the price for goods and services to increase for the public, as well. For more about how your business can implement Best Management Practices, click here.

  • Health: When pollutants can’t be properly contained, it can be damaging to the overall health of the environment. Some studies have shown that people living in larger cities, where pollutants are higher, show exposure to more health risks through poor air quality and overcrowding. Healthy environments and greenspaces are important for a person’s overall wellbeing! Take a moment think about what small changes you could make in your daily life to help protect our storm water and yourself. Learn more about the step you can take here.