DIY Recycled Plastic Wreath

Does Christmas time always seem to surprise you? Get a heads start and spring into the season with a homemade recycled plastic wreath. This simple, five-step DIY is fun for the whole family and finally gives your old plastic bags a good use!


  • Wire hanger
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Used plastic grocery bags or white trash bags
  • Additional décor

How To:

  1. Create a hoop.
    • Bend the hanger into a circle and place the hanger hook at the top. This will allow for easier hanging once the wreath is complete.
  2. Cut plastic strips.
    • Take your grocery or trash bags and cut them into equal length strips.
    • Strips should be approximately 2” wide x 3” high
  3. Make some (lots) of knots.
    • Taking one piece of plastic at a time, tie a knot around the hoop. Repeat until the hoop is filled.
    • Periodically push your knots together to ensure that the pieces are close together and wreath looks full.
  4. Add some color.
    • Using your ribbon color of choice, tie a bow around the hoop. Placement of the ribbon depends on your preference.
  5. Add additional decor.
    • Add any other personalized finishing touches you desire, such as glitter, additional ribbons, etc.