Earth Hour 2023

Join us this year as we participate in Earth Hour on March 25th, from 8:30-9:30 p.m. During this time, spend 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet. This annual event was started by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 to bring awareness to the important issue of climate change. Earth Hour encourages one moment of worldwide solidarity to benefit our environment.

Whether it’s picking up trash at a park, cooking dinner with sustainable ingredients, planting a tree, turning off the lights, or walking instead of driving, anyone, anywhere can join the biggest hour for Earth. Here are five ways you can get partake in this celebration for our planet:

1. Cook a Sustainable Meal – Did you know that food has a carbon footprint? To reduce this footprint, cook a meal using local and seasonal ingredients, choose fairtrade-certified products, use more plants and less meat, and buy foods with less or reusable packaging. Invite your family and friends over to taste your creation and ensure nothing goes to waste!

2. Up Your Knowledge – Use this time to learn more about environmental issues and new ways to take care of our planet. Listen to educational podcasts, watch a nature documentary, or do some research on local environmental organizations or issues. Once you’ve upped your knowledge, you can share these learnings with others to encourage others to live more sustainably.

3. Get Active & Do a Quick Cleanup – Go for an evening walk, run, or bike ride and try plogging! Plogging is picking up trash while you’re out jogging or walking. This is a great chance to treat your body and the environment well. Ask your friends if they are interested in tagging along. The more the merrier!

4. Get Artsy – Channel your inner artist with an eco-friendly craft! Look for instructions online or check out our previous blogs. Here are instructions for a DIY milk carton bird feeder, floral wreath, soda can bells and heart mobile.

5. Reconnect With Nature – While this can be tough to do at night, remember that you can celebrate Earth Hour at any time on any day! Instead of being stuck inside and running up the electrical bill, go for a hike or spend an hour at the beach! There are so many ways to reconnect with nature—especially here in Hawaii.