How Clean Streets Lead to Clean Oceans

In Hawai’i, rain is a part of everyday life. The consistent showers are fantastic for helping farmers grow crops, protecting our local plants and wildlife, and producing stunning rainbows. In moderation, rain protects our ecosystem and allows it to flourish. However, as we approach the peak of the rainy season in the Hawaiian Islands, it becomes important to recognize the harms that heavy rain can also bring.

A particularly damaging effect is the resulting trash runoff. During heavy showers, much of the trash, debris, and waste left on the streets are carried through storm drains and deposited directly into the ocean. This creates a problem of discomfort for beach-goers, while also posing life-threatening dangers to wildlife and coral reefs.

The best way to limit this form of pollution is by reducing the amount of trash accumulating on our streets. By choosing to use less plastic, limiting single use items, and properly disposing of waste, you are actively limiting your environmental footprint. Also, picking up trash left by others is equally environmentally friendly and rewarding.

If ignored, all trash left on the streets is headed toward the sea. However, by reducing individual waste and picking up pieces of visible trash, you cam make a significant contribution toward keeping our ocean trash free. The ocean is a home for sea life and a destination to be enjoyed for generations to come, make it a goal to do your part to preserve its beauty.