Trash Free July 2021

Plastic Free July is an initiative by the Plastic Free Foundation that works to inspire millions worldwide to reflect on their plastic use and consumption. By choosing to be plastic free for the month of July, people help to keep plastic out of our storm drains and work to create cleaner streets, oceans, and communities all over the world!


The Plastic Free July movement is based on the belief that small changes made by large numbers of people can add up to a big difference. Working towards a vision of a waste-free world takes a combined effort from people of all ages and locations.


Previous plastic free participants have managed to reduce their household waste and recycling needs by nearly 5 percent per person per year. About 85 percent of people who participated made changes to their overall lifestyle habits, saving nearly 2 billion pounds of plastic waste annually.


Here are a few ways that you and your family can participate in Plastic Free July.


  • On-the-Go Tips
    • Bring a reusable coffee cup or dine-in at your local café instead of using single-use cups.
    • Bring your own reusable containers, straws, and utensils.



  • In the Bathroom
    • Opt for plastic-free toothbrushes and toothpaste solutions (ie. Bamboo or metal electric brushes).
    • Use bar soap instead of liquid soap in plastic containers. Some stores will even sell bar soup without packaging!
    • Swap disposable razors for reusable alternatives.


  • While Shopping
    • Bring your own reusable shopping bags.
    • Avoid the urge to impulse buy – not only will this prevent waste, but it will also save you money!
    • Be thrifty and shop second hand to reduce the amount of new product entering the marketplace and our landfills.
    • Avoid disposable products and packaging whenever possible.


  • At the Grocery Store
    • Bring reusable shopping bags or opt for paper bags.
    • Buy in bulk when possible.
    • Buy uncut fruits and veggies to avoid prepacking.
    • Make a list and meal plan to avoid overbuying and wasting food.
    • Ditch the plastic trays and get your meat direct from the deli.


  • At a Party
    • Celebrate in style with plastic-free decorations!
    • Opt for reusable dishware in place of single-use plastics.
    • Offer eco-friendly gift exchanges, such as small house plants or items made from recyclable materials. Homemade gifts are also a great way to be eco-friendly!

  • At the Office
    • Encourage staff to bring their own reusable cups, utensils, napkins, and bags.
    • Create a recycling program by providing the proper bins for trash, recyclables, and compost.
    • Invite your coworkers to participate in Plastic Free July.


  • For the Summer
    • Enjoy a plastic free picnic by making and packing your own food. Take your picnic to the beach and enjoy the summer weather!
    • Participate in a beach or park clean up.