Upcycled Organization

Extra time at home provides an opportunity to get organized around the house. However, organizational systems can be expensive! Here are some DIY organizers to keep your work from home office space tidy.

Desk Organizer


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorations of your choice (origami paper featured)
    • Paper
    • Paint
    • Washi tape
    • Flowers
    • Yarn
    • Beads
  • Base of your choice (plastic plate)
    • You can use an old plate, tray or hard plastic or cardboard.

  1. Cut the rolls.
    • Using a craft knife or scissors, cut the rolls into the desired heights.
  2. Cover the rolls.
    • Using paint or paper, create a base color on the rolls.
    • Pictured here: Origami paper was measured and cut down to the appropriate size for each roll and glued to the roll using the hot glue gun.
  3. Decorate the rolls.
    • Add any additional decoration desired. Use the hot glue gun to attach pieces of yarn, ribbons, or beads to add layers and texture. You can also decorate with your washi tape!
  4. Attach the rolls to the base.
    • Use the hot glue gun to attach one end of each roll to the base in your desired layout.
  5. Decorate the base.
    • • While the rolls dry, decorate the base using paint, beads, artificial flowers, washi tape, or other desired decorations.
  6. Get organizing!
    • Fill your tubes with pens, scissors, rulers, and other loose items.

Source: Kids Craft Week: DIY Desk Organizer

Electronic Cord Organizer


  • Shipping or Shoe Box
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Select a box that will fit all the cords you are looking to organize.
    • Featured here: A shoe box that has been cut down to its desired size.
  2. Use a hot glue gun to affix the toilet paper rolls to the bottom of the box in your desired pattern.
    • Note: The number of rolls needed will depend on the number of cords you are organizing.
    • Featured here: 8 rolls
  3. Fold cords and place them into each of the individual toilet paper rolls.
  4. If desired, leave a portion of the box open for other tech accessories that accompany the cords.

Source: TP Roll Organizer Box Instructable