2020 Home Organization Calendar and Checklist

Now that we are halfway through 2020, it’s time to start cleaning around the house. Check out this organizational method to keep your garage tidy and organized. Staying on top of your cleaning load and taking it a little at a time will prevent clutter, waste, and could even save you on trips to the store by reusing older items.

Each month through the end of 2020 we will be sharing a new cleaning guide:

  • July 2020: Kitchen Cleanup
  • August 2020: Garage Organization
  • September 2020: Closet Clean Out
  • October 2020: Bathroom
  • November 2020: Holiday Prep
  • December 2020: De-Clutter
July – Kitchen Cleanup

Kitchens tend to be the focal point of many households, and also one of the most cluttered areas of any living situation. Whether you have an abundance of appliances, dirty dishes, or forgotten foods, every kitchen deserves a deep clean once in awhile.

  • Go through your pantry and donate food that you’ve over purchased or don’t intend to use.
  • Look through the food in your refrigerator and consider composting food that may be going to waste.
  • Sell or donate old or duplicate appliances and see what you can consolidate.
August – Garage Organization

Garages are often a forgotten storage yard, filled with tools, appliances, sporting goods, bikes, and many other old and broken toys. Take the time to go through your garage and add proper organization.

  • Categorize your items and create departments for them
    • Make a place for everything, what doesn’t have a place, clearly doesn’t belong.
  • Donate, recycle, sell, or reuse old appliances or hardware items you no longer need.
  • Before disposing of broken projects, see if the item may be deconstructed and used for parts and if not, dispose of it properly.
September – Closet Clean Out

As the summer months come to an end and the rainy season starts to break through, consider cleaning out your closet, reorganizing and replacing summer outfits with comfier winter apparel.

  • Develop three piles: Keep, Recycle, Donate
    • Ask yourself: Have I worn this in the last 6 months? If not, Donate!
    • Are there holes or imperfections in your item? Either fix it or recycle it!
  • TIP: Throughout the year, each time you buy a new piece, an old one should go. This method will help to reduce overstuffed closets and drawers.
October – Bathroom

Bathrooms hold many germs and need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. You can also declutter your bathroom by cleaning out old toiletries and expired medications. Donate old or excess linens and towels. Be sure to wash your towels regularly to kill germs and bacteria.

November – Holiday Prep

Before the holidays begin, be sure to prepare yourself by sorting through serving dishes, utensils, appliances, and canned goods. If you are hosting a family dinner, be sure to have reusable containers for everyone to take home leftovers. If you are attending a dinner, bring your own reusable containers to reduce the amount of single use plastic and paper that are used and disposed of.

December – De-Clutter

The end of the year is a great time to reduce surrounding clutter and bring a fresh start to the New Year. Do a sweep of your whole house and clean out old and duplicate items. Donating what you no longer need is a great way to let go of past items and wrap up the year before starting fresh.