Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaners

Whether it’s removing make-up and sunscreen, a long soak in the bathtub, a quick shower after the beach, or taking care of nature’s business, our household bathrooms get a workout every day. Any cleaning products that we use in our homes have the potential to end up in our waterways.

You can keep you home sparkling clean without harming the environment. Follow a few of these tips to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products!

Use Natural Cleaners

Did you know baking soda and vinegar can replace nearly any chemical-based cleaner in your cabinets? The acid in vinegar helps to breakdown soap scum, mold, and dirt, while baking soda absorbs odors and can be used to lift grime.

Make your own cleaner:

  • Combine vinegar with warm water in a spray bottle to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. You can even add some lemon juice for a fresh scent!
  • To unclog drains, sprinkle baking soda in first, and follow with vinegar. Wait until the fizzing starts, then rinse with hot water. The acid and base reaction of baking soda and vinegar helps break up clogs for a natural drain cleaner.
  • When cleaning your toilets, add a mix of baking soda and vinegar to the bowl and let it sit for 30-60 minutes before scrubbing and flushing.

Reuse Old Fabrics

Cut old towels, t-shirts, and linens into smaller pieces and use them as rags instead of single-use sponges or paper towels.

How to use your recycled fabrics:

  • Small towel pieces work well for scrubbing grout and cracks between tile.
  • Old t-shirts will help to leave a streak and lint-free shine on windows and glass.

Practice Proper Disposal

Rather than flushing or draining shampoo, perfumes, and other liquids in your bathroom sink, properly dispose of those remnants by tossing them in the trash! You can also follow these tips to avoid single-use plastics.

  • Opt for non-packaged items like bars of soap in bulk, reusable razors, and silicone or reusable loofas instead of plastic products. If you like a challenge, you can even try growing your own loofa in your garden!
  • Before buying new makeup and hairbrushes, clean them! By cleaning your brushes instead of buying new ones, you limit the amount of waste entering our landfills.
  • NEVER flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet, not even products labeled as “flushable”. Foreign objects can cause wastewater pipes to backup into your home or community.
  • Do not flush old prescriptions or cleaning products down the drain! Dispose of them properly at a community Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

Check out more household tips at Trash Free Hawaii’s Resources page!