Enjoy a Trash Free Weekend

Did you know Hawaii residents generate roughly 2.8 tons of waste per person each year? That’s more waste per capita than that of any other state nationwide. There are many ways to cut down on personal waste, and we encourage you to explore new ways of creating entertainment that requires no waste or supplies.

For those of you looking for green ways to keep your little ones entertained, we’ve got a few fun nature-filled activities lined up to occupy your weekend. Keeping your fun trash-free, these activities require only your imagination and knowledge of the great outdoors!

Plant A Tree
Consider bringing a new life into your yard by planting a tree or adding some beautiful flowers throughout your home. Planting a tree is a great way to show younger kids how one can care for nature while also teaching them about growth and nourishment. Adding local plants to your home will also help capture storm water and filter it before it reaches our rivers and oceans.


Organize a Treasure Hunt Nature Walk
Our islands are home to many unique plants, animals, critters, and beautiful landscape views. Consider planning a nature walk with an added treasure hunt for your family to educate the little ones and create some outdoor fun! This activity provides the chance to be out and about while learning about local fauna.


Enjoy the Stars
When was the last time you looked up? Take your family to a secluded outdoor location (this could even be your own backyard) with little to no light pollution and enjoy the stars! Be sure to find a safe location and respect the hours of traffic and park locations.


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